Free Market Road Show 2017: “The World after Brexit and Trump”featured

“May you live in interesting times”, as the old Chinese curse goes. Europe and the rest of the world are definitely going through one of the most interesting periods of political upheaval since the fall of the Berlin wall. We now live in an era where the unthinkable happens, repeatedly. Take Britain’s decision to withdraw

02 Dec 2016

Shale energy shows the power of markets

by Carole Nakhle When experts, policy makers and commentators discuss major technological developments in the energy sector, their attention is often focused on modern renewables, which they describe as disruptive technologies. If one takes a closer look at the data, however, a clear fact emerges: the impact of new technologies in fossil fuels, specifically those developed

23 Feb 2017

European elections – expect the unexpected

by Prince Michael of Liechtenstein Donald Trump stunned the world when he won the United States presidential election. Members of the political, intellectual and media establishments in Western countries rubbed their eyes. Few were prepared for such an outcome – and many remain unable to swallow it. Hillary Clinton’s victory had appeared a “done deal” to

17 Feb 2017

Global Outlook 2017: The Trump transition

by Uwe Nerlich At noon on January 20, 2017, Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States. Few of his predecessors have so profoundly shaken long-cherished beliefs about domestic and global politics even before taking office. It remains to be seen whether forecasts of disaster will come true, or whether

06 Feb 2017
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