Saudi Arabia’s economic reform

by Carole Nakhle Saudi Arabia is once again keeping analysts busy worldwide. This time attention has been drawn by an audacious economic reform rather than by oil policy, although the two are closely intertwined. Some of the development strategy’s goals are not new and others are probably unattainable, but there seems to be a stronger will

24 Jun 2016

NATO’s Baltic options

by Mikkel Vedby Rasmussen Early this year, RAND Corporation published findings from a now famous series of war games showing NATO’s inability to defend Estonia and Latvia in the event of a Russian invasion. The study reflected a growing realization in the alliance that something must be done to prevent the vulnerability of the Baltic countries

13 Jun 2016

International Lecture “Hayek, the Rule of Law, and Spontaneous Order”

On June 6th / 2016 Nadia Nedzel J.D., LL.M. gave a talk at the Hayek Saal. She spoke about the relationship between Rule of Law and economic freedom. Following Freidrich von Hayek and Michale Oakeshott, she concluded that the concept of Rule of Law was more conducive to freedom than the one of Rechsstaat. About

08 Jun 2016

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